What is the difference between certified and registered mail?


The main difference between certified and registered mail with the U.S. Postal Service lies in the level of accountability, with registered mail being tracked throughout the entire process from the departure point to the destination. Both types of mail are numbered, but certified mail is only signed for once it reaches the final recipient.

Registered mail costs considerably more than certified mail, approximately four times as much as of 2014. Both can be tracked online by anyone with the official tracking number. This provides a record of attempted deliveries and verification of final successful delivery. Registered mail includes a return receipt and the option for restricted delivery to a specific recipient. Certified mail offers these two options for an additional charge. Registered mail can be insured against loss or theft, while certified mail does not carry this option.

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Certified mail provides the sender with proof of
Certified mail provides the sender with a numbered receipt that serves as proof of mailing. Certified mail travels as ordinary mail until it reaches its destination. A certificate
For First Class mail, Delivery Confirmation is available for parcels (not letters) only. It provides proof the item was delivered, but does not require a signature. So maybe the item
Certified mail is used for basic letters or payments. Registered mail is used when the item has some insurable value.
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Difference Between Certified & Registered Mail
When mailers have important documents to send, they want to know their items are secure. Both certified and registered mail offer such security because items mailed by either method must be signed for.... More »
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