What is the difference between a city and village?


Villages tend to be smaller than cities, but these definitions have changed over the years. Some nations have differing definitions as well, and villages and cities may have different types of governments. Urbanization can play a role as well.

While "village" and "city" may have legal definitions, these definitions are rarely used when discussing them. In general, villages have hundreds or thousands of people; cities typically have tens of thousands of people or more. As a village grows, it may eventually change to being classified as a city. Villages typically have small downtown areas, and residents are more familiar with other residents.

However, the level of urbanization present in an area can help determine whether it is a city or a village. Large buildings are common in cities; they may be wholly absent in villages. Similarly, apartments and condominiums are more common in cities than in villages. Cities typically have more infrastructure in general, and libraries, museums, restaurants and other locations are more likely to be found in them.

In general, residents choose which term best describes their home location. A relatively large area might be defined by its residents as a village if they feel that description best matches their community. A fairly small area might be described as a city if its residents feel it deserves that title.

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Difference Between Villages & Cities
Villages and cities are two distinct terms that refer to very different municipal entities found everywhere. The terms are not at all interchangeable--they are found on opposite ends of the population curve.... More »
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