Difference between Coagulation and Agglutination?


One of the differences between coagulation and agglutination is that coagulation is generally considered to be a normal process. If a person has a cut that bleeds, the body goes through a process to clot the blood to prevent a person from bleeding to death. Agglutination is considered an undesirable process where red blood cells clump together due to a reaction between antibodies and antigens. This can happen in a mismatched transfusion.
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Both terms mean the same thing when it comes to the clotting of blood. However, agglutination is more of a general term, and can be used for clumping of any type or particles, as
Which of the following is caused by agglutination of the RBCs a. hemolysis b. coagulation c. intrinsic factor d.
Between agglutination and what? Agglutination is the process of blood clumping together when there is blood type incompatibility. Clotting, for example, is a highly regulated process
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