Difference between Confidence and Arrogance?


The difference between confidence and arrogance is both in how one carries themselves and how someone perceives them. Confident people tend to have no need to brag, but will come forward if they know the answer to a problem, whereas an arrogant person is more likely to tell everyone about a skill they possess.
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Confidence is belief in yourself and your abilities and
1. Acknowledge your qualities. Believing in your capabilities and having confidence in your skills is important for your self-esteem and increasing your confidence. There is nothing
1 Think before you speak. If the thing you are fixing to say could make people think that you are a braggart and mean, then don't say it. It's one thing to be proud of your accomplishments
Hello! Flaunting and strutting are excellent observations. Most of us have met many of both types of people,and I believe that the difference is in how they view achievements. The
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