What is the difference between corn flour and cornstarch?


Corn flour is finely ground cornmeal. Cornstarch, on the other hand, is derived only from the endosperm of a corn kernel.

Corn flour is made from yellow, white or even blue corn. It is used to make breads. It is also utilized in the preparation of other types of baked goods where it is oftentimes blended with other types of flours.

Cornstarch is most commonly used as a thickener in certain fruit pies, sauces of different types and gravies. The endosperm represents the largest element of a corn kernel. Because cornstarch is gluten-free, it is more widely used by people who desire to avoid this protein in their diets.

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No difference - depends on which country you are in. In UK, NZ and possibly other countries associated with Britain the name is corn flour - in US Canada it is corn starch - just
If it is as fine textured as confectioners sugar, it is cornstarch. If it's grainy it is cornmeal. If it's inbetween and looks like yellow flour, it is cornmeal for pastry (I don't
no asda stock it tesco or morrisons its in the flour isle
Both are starches, but cornstarch is pure starch, while flour
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