Difference between Corn Oil and Vegetable Oil?


Corn oil and vegetable oil are common fats used in many households. The difference between corn oil and vegetable oil is that corn oil is extracted from the germ of corn, while vegetable oil is a blend of different oils. Blended vegetable oil may include grape seed oil,include olive oil, soybean oil, corn oil, safflower oil, and peanut oil. Both corn oil and vegetable oils are used for cooking and deep frying because of their high smoke points.
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Canola oil contains less than 1 percent erucic acid. Vegetable oil
Canola oil (short for. Can. adian. o. il, l. ow. a. cid) is made from a cultivar of rapeseed selectively bred for lowered levels of erucic acid in order to make it fit for human consumption
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Corn oil is a type of oil like vegetable oil. Corn syrup is a very sweet liquid similar to maple syrup.
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Differences Between Corn Oil & Vegetable Oil
Similar in fat and calorie content, corn and vegetable oils are more alike than different. Corn oil and vegetable oil are staple ingredients in most kitchens. Both oils are often found in mayonnaise, salad dressings and baked goods. Corn is a common... More »
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