Difference between Curriculum and Syllabus?


The difference between curriculum and syllabus is that the syllabus is the subset of the curriculum. Curriculum refers either to all of the courses offered by an educational institution or to the courses offered in a specific program of study. Curriculum is also used to refer to the required courses that a student must take to fulfill a degree or qualification. The syllabus is usually prepared by the instructor and is an outline of a particular curriculum.
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Curriculum is a focus of study, consisting of various courses all designed to reach a particular proficiency or qualification. For instance some high schools offer a college-prep
The curriculum set down the general guidelines of what is to be taught and the syllabus is much more specific is indicating how it is to be done./.
These terms for organizing the formal, “bricks and mortar” education procedure, have distinct, separate meanings. A curriculum (a circle of learning) is a series or set
There are no set definitions for the terms modification, adaptation and accommodation. As a result, these terms often get used imprecisely and interchangeably. Generally, modifications
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