Difference between Customer and Consumer?


Customers and consumers are used frequently to define the same individual but there is a difference. The difference between a customer and a consumer is determined by the path of the product after it is purchased. If the individual purchasing an item is the one who will use it, they are the consumer. If the customer is giving the product as a gift or purchasing it for someone else for any reason, the person who will use the product or benefit from its purchase is the actual consumer.
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The customer is an organization or person that purchases a product, but is not the end user of the product. For example, assume a customer is the purchasing department of an organization
a cutomer is the person who buys the product but a consumer is someone who uses the product for self purpose. eg. say if someone works for the health service they dont have customers
Customer: anyone who pays for a company's goods or
There isn't a difference between consumer confidence and consumer sentiment. Both terms are used to refer to the degree of confidence consumers feel about the overall economy and
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What Is the Difference Between a Customer & a Consumer?
While many people use the terms "customer" and "consumer" interchangeably, distinct differences do exist in the meaning of the two words. Understanding the distinction is crucial for businesses as it affects how they both purchase goods they use in their... More »
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