Difference between Cyclones and Anticyclones?


One of the main differences between cyclones and anticyclones is high pressure and low pressure. A cyclone is an area of low pressure while an anticyclone is an area of high pressure. In the northern hemisphere, cyclones spin clockwise and counter clockwise in the southern hemisphere.
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A cyclone is a low pressure system in which the wind overall travels inwards and upwards. These systems rotate counterclockwise in the northern hemisphere and clockwise in the southern
One is...and one isn't! Actually the anticyclone attacks the cyclone...making it a
The direction of Anticyclone And A Cyclone are opposite. Anonymous
Cyclone:A closed,low pressure system ,which is characterized by spiraling winds,whose direction is either clockwise(southern hemisphere) or counter clockwise(northern hemisphere)Because
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A Major Difference Between Cyclones & Anticyclones Is What?
Cyclones and anticyclones are the major forces that shape everyday weather. Understanding how these systems behave is critically important to accurate meteorological forecasting. The primary difference between the two types of weather systems is their... More »
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