How Is Miscarriage Bleeding Different to a Period?


The difference between early miscarriage and period are the type of blood passed from the cervix and other symptoms that accompanies bleeding. Generally, a person who had early miscarriage suffers from nausea, fatigue, and swollen breast, and more severe cramping than your usual period. A woman who is having miscarriage also would notice passing tissues or small clots of blood
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it hurts more and there is a LOT more of it. bigger and more blood clots also.
With a miscarriage the cramps are usually much more sever than
I when i thought i had my period when i went seen my family doctor she told me i was pregnant when i found out i was pregnant when i was bleeding it end up i had a miscarriage i didn't
Not Medical Advice: Menstruation does not occur when pregnant. Bleeding while pregnant is miscarriage.
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