Difference between Estradiol and Estrogen?


The main difference between estradiol and estrogen is their peak levels during the woman's lifetime. During pregnancy years, estrogen is found in higher concentrations. During menopause, estradiol has the highest concentration among other sex hormones.
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Estradiol is a naturally occurring hormone in the female body,
Estrogen is the term for a whole class of different hormones. Estradiol is one type of estrogen (humans have more than 25 different types of estrogen) Estradiol is the most common
Estrogen is a hormone usually produced by the female ovaries and is crucial for normal female reproductive functioning. Estradiol is natural occurring form of estrogen. It helps the
Testosterone is a hormone in men (although women do have some). Causes puberty in males i.e growth, genital development, muscle development, change in voice. Also in charge of arousal
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Difference Between Estradiol & Estrogen
Hormone therapy with estrogen is used for women who have gone through a hysterectomy at an early age, and for some women who choose to use it at menopause. There are several differences between estrogen and one of its variations called estradiol.... More »
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