Difference between Foundation and Powder?


The difference between foundation and powder is seen in the composition. Foundations are normally in liquid form while powders are in solid form. Another difference is that powders are just used for the purpose of eliminating shine while foundations are used on a regular basis.
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The difference is foundation is what you put on after concealer. Now concealer is what covers up blemishes and dark circles. And then the powder is to finish it off and give it a
1. Combine the ingredients. Pour all of the ingredients into a jar with a tightly sealed lid. Be sure the jar and lid are sterile before use. Shake this well and store in a dark,
ok well foundation is a liquid and is applied with a damp sponge to the entire face leaving skin with an even tone powder is exactly its name its powder and usually applied with a
1. Choose a proper foundation. Firstly, you must decide why you need foundation. Is it just to cover up your face? Or is it to make your skin seem fairer? If it is to make skin seem
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