Difference between Giclee and Serigraph?


The difference between giclee and serigraph is production method. Giclee reproduces images using an ink jet printer. While serigraph duplicates original works by means of silk screening.
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The giclee printmaking method uses an ink-jet printer to reproduce a digital photograph of the original artwork or photograph. The word giclee originates from a French word meaning
The difference between a lithograph and a serigraph is
There is no such thing as 'giclee' paper. Canson (Canson Infinity) is a brand of paper for digital archival print reproduction, Giclee is just a term applied to any inkjet art print
Michael-a serigraph is a silkscreen. I have never heard of a seriolithograph. Tarkay is one of the most popular artists around, his art frequently sold at auctions on cruise ships
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What Is the Difference Between a Giclee & Serigraph?
Artists and photographers use a variety of printing methods to reproduce their original works. Giclees and serigraphs are two popular choices for high quality, fine art prints. Paintings, drawings and photographs can be reproduced in small or large... More »
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