What Is the Difference between Interior and Exterior Latex Paint?


Latex paint is water based paint. Interior latex paint is made in three finishes, flat, semigloss or gloss and is best used inside the home. The difference between interior and exterior latex paint is that exterior latex paint is made exclusively for use outdoors. It has some of the same properties as the interior latex, but in addition it contains more pigment and resin, and has the ability to resist moisture and mildew.
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Interior and exterior paints are available as latex or oil-based paints. Latex paints are water-based. Oil-based paints, often referred to as alkyds, are solvent-based. Most of the
one is for outside (outdoors, water resistant) and one for inside (indoors, not so water resistant)
No, you can't. Exterior paint has more binders in it, as well as being more flexible to adjust with the movement of the wood on the house. Interior paint will quickly peel. Hope this
Interior and exterior paint have different
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Difference Between Interior & Exterior Paint
Interior and exterior paint have different properties. Exterior paints are not necessarily stronger or tougher than interior paints. Interior paints are formulated to resist scrubbing, staining and cleaning, while exterior paints are formulated to... More »
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