Difference between Jelly Roll Pan and Cookie Sheet?


The difference between a cookie sheet and a jelly roll pan is that the cookie sheet is flat and does not have sides. Cake batter would drip off the sides of a cookie sheet but in a jelly roll pan, it is formed by the sides of the pan, which do not exist on the cookie sheet.
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The jelly roll pan needs sides that are about 1 in high because many of the recipes calling for a jelly roll pan have a cake-like batter. A jelly roll pan can double as a cookie sheet
A jelly-roll pan is a baking sheet with
A jelly roll pan is a flat, rectangular baking pan with sides that are 1 inch high. A cookie sheet is simply a flat pan. Sometimes a cookie sheet has a lip on one or two sides to
jelly roll pan has higher sides then a baking sheet. some baking sheets dont even have sides. the rool needs sides to cling onto when rising so it should be ok if your baking sheet
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The Difference Between a Jelly Roll Pan & a Cookie Sheet
The difference between a jelly roll pan and a cookie sheet is in the sides. A jelly roll pan is a baking sheet with sides 1 inch deep. A cookie sheet doesn't have any sides.... More »
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