Difference between Job Description and Job Specification?


The difference between a job description and a job specification is simple. A job description is the duties to be performed. A job specification is what requirements are necessary to perform the task. Job specifications are more specific and more in depth.
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What are the different between Job description and Job specification? Job description tells about the responsibilities to be done by the new employment but Job specification tells
A job description can be thought of as how the position fits into the organization and what the job-holder does. A job specification tells what the job-holder needs in order to do
job description can be very generic but person specific is what is the criteria for certain profile of person Source(s): employment center
A job desciption is what the job entails-- what you will be doing once you are hired. A job specification is what is required of you to get the job ie: computer skills, degree, etc
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Difference Between a Job Description & a Job Specification
While many people use the terms job description and job specification interchangeably, there's a difference between the two. One tells what the job entails, while the other tells what qualities the individual filling the job needs to have.... More »
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