What Is the Difference between C Band and Ku Band Satellite Transmission?


There isn't much difference between C-band and Ku-band. C-band was used first. When it became crowded, satellites moved to Ku-band. Ku-band is allocated exclusively for satellite bands, while C-band is not. C-band carries a large variety of communications systems, such as mobile phones, that bog it down.
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c band 4 to 8 ghz and ku band 11.2 to 14.5 ghz on satellite communication .
KU bands seem to be what people are
Ku-band permits the use of smaller antennas that are aesthetically better and much cheaper than C-band. A typical Ku-band antenna is 1.2/1.8m and a typical C-band antenna ranges from
C Band frequencies are a set of radio frequencies ranging from 4 to 8 gigahertz. Early satellite television was broadcast in C Band, but with the advent of high definition, a large
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