How Do Living and Non Living Things Differ?


There are many differences between living and non living things. One of the main differences is the fact that living things breathe and function all on their own. Non living things do not breathe.
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Living things have cells which sustain life, cells make up nearly every part of your body, Including your organs
In the scientific community, the jury is still out on this statement. Viruses lack some of the characteristics of living things, the ability to reproduce, acquire and use energy,
The structure of a living thing must have complexity and organization. The basic building block of all plants and animals is the cell, and cells form tissues that in turn make up
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The growth of a living thing id different from the growth of a non-living- thing. Living things not only grow but they reproduce as in the case of animals and ...
It can sometimes be hard to distinguish between living and non living things. Living things differ fro non living things in the fact that they need food for energy ...
Genetics, DNA, and many other biological factors make it possible for living things to have a different molecular composition than non-living things. Energy is ...
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