Why Are Male Cardinals a Different Color Than the Females?


Yes, male cardinals are a different color than the females. Males are bright red with a crest that looks like a cardinal's miter. Females are brown with a subdued reddish tint. The female coloring makes it more difficult to spot her while nesting.
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The male northern cardinal is bright red with a black
The males are much brighter and gregarious. Females are more tan/red with lesser markings on breast,tail and wings.
1. Look at the fish’s coloration. In some cases, one sex is more brightly or intricately patterned than the other. The stripes of the female maroon clownfish are grayish, for
There are no real differences. Only minor ones with surrounding muscles and the position of the bladder, but none on the bladder itself.
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Difference Between Male & Female Cardinals
The cardinal is a red bird that is seen all year long through most of the United States of America. The cardinal does not molt, therefore it does not need to migrate to the south during the winter. As with all bird species, the male and female cardinals... More »
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