How to Tell the Difference Between a Male & Female Crayfish?


To tell the difference between a male and female crayfish you can look at their swimmeretts. In the male, the first swimmerettes behind the walking legs will be longer and pointier than the female's swimmeretts. The female crayfish has swimmerettes that are all the same size.
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1. Check the size. According to the book "Small Scale Crayfish Farming, male crayfish are longer with larger claws. 2. Examine the abdomen. Female crayfish have larger abdomens
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Well, everyone knows that female brains are better than male brains...just kidding. However, the fact is that females have more x chromosomes than males and the x chromosomes a male
it depends on the species. for most north American crayfish the male will have an additional two clapsers to carry sperm. this is absent on females. instead the female has a white
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To tell the difference between a male and female crayfish one would have to turn the crayfish over. The female has an opening between the third and fourth walking ...
Crayfish are dimorphic which means that you can differentiate a male from a female. But to do so, you need to look them from a ventral view. Males have the first ...
The difference between male and female grasshoppers are that the female is much bigger than the male. The shape of the male tale is thin while that of the female ...
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