How do you tell the difference between a male and female crayfish?


To tell the difference between a male and female crayfish you can look at their swimmeretts. In the male, the first swimmerettes behind the walking legs will be longer and pointier than the female's swimmeretts. The female crayfish has swimmerettes that are all the same size.
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1. Check the size. According to the book "Small Scale Crayfish Farming, male crayfish are longer with larger claws. 2. Examine the abdomen. Female crayfish have larger abdomens
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Look for golden tones on the zebrafish. Male zebrafish tend to be pinkish and yellowish, while female zebrafish tend to have blue and white colorings. Examine the body shape of your
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How to Tell the Difference Between a Male & Female Crayfish
Crayfish are sometimes referred to as crawdads or crawfish. Like other crustaceans, they possess hard outer shells and claws that protect them from predators. Female and male crustaceans have differences in a few areas, such as size, but in almost every... More »
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