Difference between Male and Female Goldfish?


To tell the difference between a male and female goldfish, look at the size. The female is slightly larger than the male.
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the female goldfish has a rounder or bigger body than the male while the male has a slim body.
The female goldfish is rounder and more full than the
One of the first fish species ever to be domesticated by humans was the goldfish. Although goldfish display astounding differences around the world, it seems household goldfishes
It's VERY hard to tell the sex of Goldfish. Males will have breeding tubercles on the gill slits, and females will have a "popped out" vent. Here's some links on sexing
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Difference Between Male & Female Goldfish
Knowing the sex of goldfish is not only important for breeding purposes but also in the naming of your fish. It is harder to distinguish between male and female goldfish when they are young; however, as they mature, you will be able to notice certain... More »
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