Difference between Male and Female Molly?


Molly are a tropical fish that is easily cared for in a aquarium. They come in a variety of colors, not only black. Very pretty to look a, it is hard to tell which is a Male and which is a Female. The Pet store says that the Male Molly has a pointy tail between the belly and the tail.
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Until about 4-5 months it is hard to determine sex in mollies. Once mature enough if you look at the back fin under the stomach of the fish and see how it is displayed. Males are
here: males have. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/co…. and females have a triangular one instead. http://www.fishdeals.com/livebearers/mol….
When used by herpetologists, the term “iguana” or “iguanid” may refer to any of approximately 35 species that compose the family Iguanidae. This family includes
Hi Brian; Look at the bottom back fin. In the male it's pointed and on the female it's fanned out and sort of crescent shaped. Here is a web page with images of a male and female
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Difference Between a Molly Female & Male
The molly, a popular brackish-water fish, is beautiful, hardy and prolific. Because mollies display obvious external sex differences, most fish keepers find them easy to breed and identify.... More »
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