Difference between Male and Female Pigeons?


The difference between male and female pigeons is that male pigeons are slightly large and their body length go up to 345 millimeters and their body weight averages around 240 and 300 grams. On the other hand, female pigeons average body weight is 200 grams while the length of their body can go up to about 325 millimeters and because they lay eggs the lower order of the vent protrudes more than the upper order.
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Look at the size of the pigeon. Male
.the male is slightly smaller than the female also the male pigeons chest is a light grey where as the female pigeon has a sort of purpley chest and is quite fat. hope this helps.
Sexing pigeons can be tricky and even experts are occasionally fooled. Unlike many animals, birds, in general, do not have obvious physical attributes that distinguish them as male
Genitalia and typically style of dress. That's about it.
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Difference Between Male & Female Pigeons
Part of the family Columbidae, pigeons show few visible differences between males and females depending on the species. The genus Columba is the most common of all, including feral and domestic pigeons. While it is not easy to observe differences between... More »
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