What is the difference between male and female tarantulas?


You can tell the difference between male and female tarantulas by their size and color. A female tarantula is more brightly colored with splashes of red or orange. Female tarantulas even have a larger abdominal area when compared to males.
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1. Look at the size of your tarantula. Males tend to be smaller than females, especially around the abdomen. 2. View the color of your tarantula. A male will be a blander color whereas
the males have pedipaps and the females get bigger,the males have spears,a small hock on walkin legs.
We sexed our rose haired tarantula after he shedded her exoskelton. We had named it Rosey and well she is a girl after all. We waited 6 months for her to shed. I found these sites
The males are smaller and
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How to Tell the Difference Between Male and Female Tarantulas
It may be necessary to determine the sex of a tarantula in order to choose a name or, in the case of breeding tarantulas, to make sure one has a male and female pair. Detecting the differences between a male and female tarantula can be tricky. However,... More »
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