Who is higher, the CEO or the managing director?


Neither the managing director nor the CEO is higher than the other, because both of these terms refer to similar positions. American companies use the title CEO, or chief executive officer, while British English often uses the term "managing director."

Whichever term is used, the people who fill these jobs generally report to the company's board of directors. Because of the differences between American and British corporate law, there are some slight differences in the job descriptions. For example, an American CEO is only responsible for his company's success, but according to Britain's Companies Act 2006, managing directors are expected to consider the societal and environmental impact of their decisions.

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Just different titles bit same job as both report to a board but run the company primarily.
CEO stands for Chief Executive Officer, of which there is only one in most corporations. Managing Director is a term you'll most commonly see used in asset-management or hedge-fund
The marketing manager usually manages both the advertising and marketing departments, as many corporations often combine the two into one function. The marketing manager leads a team
Hello again Dimitris, Yes a CEO can also be a Chairman. However I would consider this as too much power in the hands of one person. In the situation of two separate persons, there
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