Difference between Microfiche and Microfilm?


The only difference between microfiche and microfilm is the way that the data or film is captured. Microfilm is film captured on reels. Microfiche is film that is captured on flat cards.
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Microfilm is on a reel. Microfiche is a flat sheet. Both use photographic technique to store data in the form of pictures. Naavi9@gmail.com.
A book is a book whereas microfiche is like a rectangular piece of film (a bit smaller than an index card) with many pages on the one piece of film. The images are really small, so
It often causes a great deal of confusion knowing exactly what type of microfilm or microfiche you have especially as there are a fair few different kinds. As the marketing manager
Materials in the UMCP Libraries' collections are held in a number of different micro-formats, of which microfilm and microfiche are only two of the most common. A list of common micro-formats
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The Difference Between Microfiche & Microfilm
Microfiche and microfilm are archival products used to store images of documents, text and photos. Both are used in multiple industries by individuals and professionals who have a need to store and preserve images of information over long periods of... More »
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