Difference between Persuasion and Manipulation?


One difference between persuasion and manipulation lies in the underlying intent. Persuasion is a means of using words to get someone to do, believe, or accept something. It involves reasoning with the listener, using sound arguments or a compelling entreaty to persuade.On the other hand, manipulation implies persuasion with the intent to control or fool someone to do or believe something that leaves them either harmed or without benefit. Persuasion benefits both parties, while manipulation only benefits the manipulator.
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Manipulation is the exerting devious influence for one's own advantage, through means such as lying and being misleading.getting what you want from others even when the others are
Influence is basically helping someone along but not
When you use persuasion you give your point of view and try to convince or bring around the person to whom you are speaking to through reason. When you use manipulation you usually
"Persuasion" implies that you make people share your point of view through the use of your rhetorical skills without necessarily entailing scheming or deceit. "Manipulation
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Difference Between Persuasion and Manipulation
Persuasion and manipulation are both methods of persuading people to do something for you or change their thinking to match yours. However, they follow very different styles -- persuasion does so by presenting facts in a positive light and showing how... More »
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