What Is the Difference between a Puritan and a Quaker?


Puritans and Quakers were both groups of Protestants that broke away from the Catholic church to form their own religions. There were several big differences between these two groups that played large roles in the first years of the founding of the USA. The Puritans believed in a harsh, judgemental God while the Quakers believed in a God who was more guiding than judgemental. The Puritans are seen retrospectively as been severely intolerant, while the Quakers were very accepting and sought to live in peace with their neighbors.
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OK, so there were some differences between the Quakers and the Puritans. A few differences are: The Quakers believed all people are equal, Puritans believed only specific people were
The Puritans believed in a harsh, judgmental God. Quakers
They were two different sects of Christianity that left England in order to establish colonies in the new world. Puritans were considered to be more rigid and strict about religious
The Quakers arose in Puritan England in the period of 1652-1656. They were a reaction to the perceived stagnation of the established forms of Puritan religion of the day as well as
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