What Is the Difference between Unit and Quantity?


The difference between unit and quantity is the cumulative number of items, each one being a unit, equals the total quantity. In other words, when one item is removed from the quantity, that item is a unit.
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unit would be the mesurement and quantity would be how much of that mesurement there is.
Quantity is an indefinite amount or number and a unit is a
Supply Curve. The supply curve is a graphical representation of the way supply changes with price. The axes of the graph on which the supply curve are charted are quantity on the
Standard quantity is total amount of an ingrediant required for particular purpose where as standard unit is a unit of . measure
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Differences Between Unit & Quantity
While "unit" and "quantity" are both English nouns used to refer to a number or amount of something, they are not synonymous in their definitions. These words are different, and must be used in different domains. "Unit" refers to a cohesive or definite... More »
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