Difference between Recall and Recognition?


The difference between recall and recognition is the way you remember things from memory. Recall is remembering something in your mind from memory without a cue. Recognition is a sensory cue by remembering something from your brain from information stored in it. When you find a match, it is recognized.
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Recall is to remember something by thinking or recalling i t in your mind from memory whereas recognition is to remember something in your memory through looking at something and
Recall (n) 1: cancel, revoke; 2 a: to call back b: to bring
recall - no cues or few to assist retrieval (however theere are types that contridict the characterisation, but never mind that unless u r asked to remeber it for an exam or w/e)
Accounting is done on either a cash or an accrual basis. Cash basis accounting chooses to recognize transactions when cash is either paid out or received for them. In contrast, accrual
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The Differences Between Recall and Recognition
Recall and recognition are the two ways to retrieve information from your memory. The difference is that recognition involves a cue, while recall does not.... More »
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