Difference between Reformation and Renaissance?


The terms Reformation and Renaissance do not refer to the same historical period, although the two are related.

The Reformation refers to a split between the Roman Catholic church and the Protestant church. The movement began in Germany in the 16th century when Martin Luther famously nailed to the wall of a cathedral a list of complaints against the clergy. Included in Luther's list were denunciations against clerical corruption and disagreements with Roman Catholic doctrine and rituals. Luther's religious opposition led to the Lutheran protestant religion and various other branches of the Protestant faith: Calvinism, Anglican Communion, Anabaptists, among many.

The Renaissance, on the other hand, began in Italy in the 14th century. The name literally refers to a period of cultural and intellectual "rebirth", and is characterized by a surge of interest in Greek Classical values and art. It was during this time that many European empires, like Spain, became interested in exploring other continents (hence, Christopher Columbus' voyage to America).

The Renaissance in some ways caused the Reformation. For instance, during the Renaissance many Europeans became interested in reading and learning, which is due to the fact that all kinds of books, including the Bible, began to be printed and circulated in a vernacular language that everyone could understand. It is primarily because of this that religious leaders and thinkers developed different understandings of Christianity and, like Luther, began to question Roman Catholic doctrine and practice.
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