Difference between Romanticism Realism?


Romanticism and Realism are two fairly distinct artistic ideals and aesthetics. One of the biggest differences between Romanticism and Realism is the level of grounding in reality, or lack-thereof. In Romanticism for example, you can see themes and ideas reflecting supernatural elements such as mythology. In Realism on the other hand, themes and ideas tend to reflect a grounding in the real world, focusing on more mundane issues and stories.
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Realists did not like how Romanticists ignored the reality of industrial life.
Romanticism themes and ideas reflect supernatural elements.
(I love the previous answer, though-I was going to say, it's the difference between the night before and the morning after, but. In the theatre at least, Romanticism is from around
An example of realism is The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn while romanticism are poems & love music.
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Differences Between Romanticism & Realism
Romanticism began in the late 18th century as a reaction against the values of neoclassicism. Romanticism encompassed not only literature but art and philosophy as well. The most famous English-language representatives of Romanticism include the English... More »
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Realism is the depiction of things as they appear in real life. Realism tries to interpret the reality of the world and pays more attention on anything that is ...
One difference between idealism and realism lies in the way they make decisions. Idealists usually have lofty ambitions, while realists are more goal oriented. ...
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