What is the difference between rows and columns?


Rows and columns appear on a grid or table. The rows are the ones that go across horizontally. For example, rows go from A-Z in an excel worksheet. Columns are the ones that go from top to bottom vertically. In spreadsheet programs, columns are generally numbered with 1 at the top.
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one - column - is vertical, or goes up and down; rows are horizontal, or side to side.
Rows run horizontally, while columns run vertically.
Government buildings in the United States often have Doric columns. Doric columns featured no base, a slightly decorated capital (top) and 20 flutes around the exterior. Most were
To remember, think of real world rows and columns. A row of desks in the classroom are side to side, not floor to ceiling. A column at the entrance is up and down from the foundation
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The Difference Between Rows and Columns
The difference between rows and columns in a diagram or chart is simple: rows run vertically, left to right, and columns run horizontally, from bottom to top.... More »
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Tables have columns and rows of information, which interact verbally with our verbal system while graphs are perceived by our visual system. Graphs give shapes ...
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