What is the difference between saltwater fish and freshwater fish?


The difference between saltwater fish and freshwater fish is in the level of salinity the fishes live in. Freshwater fish live in a fresh water lakes and rivers, while saltwater fish live in salty waters such as oceans or salt lakes. The environment the fish lives in is a major factor on the type of fish.
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Freshwater fish have gills that function to diffuse water (not allowing impurities inside) while ensuring bodily fluids remain inside the fish. Freshwater fish have large, well-developed
Saltwater fish live in the oceans and there is salt in the water. Freshwater fish live in lakes streams rivers etc. and have no salt in the water. Most fish dwell in either salt water
Freshwater fish make large amounts of
Saltwater poles are usually better built to handle the salt, they are also stronger than freshwater poles. I've gone fishing in saltwater with freshwater poles, they work perfectly
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The Difference Between Saltwater and Freshwater Fish
Freshwater and saltwater fish have a number of physiological differences stemming from their environments. These differences mean that you must take different measures when keeping fresh- or saltwater aquariums. Take these differences into consideration... More »
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