How to Convert a Semester to Quarter Hours?


A quarter hour is equivalent to 2/3 of a semester hour. To convert a semester into quarter hours, you simply have to follow this formula: # of semester hours X 1.5 = quarter hours. Thus, 30 semester hours (which is what a full-time student would typically complete in a year) is equivalent to 45 hours.
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Answer Quarter credits are 2/3 of a semester credit.
1. Determine the total number of semester hours you want to convert. For example, say you have 30 semester hours, typically what a full-time student would complete in a year. 2. Multiply
actually its 3 quarters, with the 4th being summer. 1 Quarter Credit hour equals 2/3 of a semester credit. Source(s) I go to a school on the quarter system.
They're the same: units of academic credit for a
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How to convert credits to semester hours can vary depending on the system your school uses. Generally one semester hour is equal to one and a half quarter hours. ...
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