Difference between Semi Gloss and Satin Paint?


The difference between Satin and Semi-Gloss paint is the functions and features. The effects are another difference.
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Satin is lower gloss than semi-gloss paint. Paint finishes in order of decreasing gloss are: Gloss. Semi-gloss. Satin/Low sheen. Flat. Some manufacturers call Satin/Low sheen finish
Walls in high-traffic areas of a house require a durable, protective paint surface. Walls in an entry area, for example, might be subject to the scuff of shoes and bumps from doorknobs
Semi-gloss says how shiny the paint is, and eggshell
Satin finish paints are not so shiny or glossy, and are a more matt, or satin finished when they dry, also sometimes called eggshell. Gloss paint is reflective. report this answer
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Difference Between Satin & Semi-Gloss Paint
The difference between satin and semi-gloss paints is the amount of sheen on the surface, as satin finishes are best used on wall surfaces and semi-gloss paints are better suited for trim and crown molding. Identify the differences between satin and... More »
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