Difference between Semi Gloss and Satin Paint?


The difference between Satin and Semi-Gloss paint is the functions and features. The effects are another difference.
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Satin is lower gloss than semi-gloss paint. Paint finishes in order of decreasing gloss are: Gloss. Semi-gloss. Satin/Low sheen. Flat. Some manufacturers call Satin/Low sheen finish
Walls in high-traffic areas of a house require a durable, protective paint surface. Walls in an entry area, for example, might be subject to the scuff of shoes and bumps from doorknobs
semi is shinier than satin and more washable than a satin. also to add some companies like benjamin moore make something called a matte paint which is flat but also washable.
1. Mix a cup of TSP cleaner into a gallon of warm water. Wear rubber gloves if you have sensitive skin. With your sponge, wipe down your walls with the TSP, then wipe them again with
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Difference Between Satin & Semi-Gloss Paint
The difference between satin and semi-gloss paints is the amount of sheen on the surface, as satin finishes are best used on wall surfaces and semi-gloss paints are better suited for trim and crown molding. Identify the differences between satin and... More »
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