Difference between Shareholders and Bondholders?


The difference between a bondholder and a shareholder lies in their type of investment. A bondholder is someone who owns bonds issued by the government or corporation. A shareholder on the other hand could be a person or company that owns a share of stock issued by a company. Being a bondholder is often preferred because in case of liquidation they are paid first before the stockholders.
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A bondholder is a creditor to a company whereas a shareholder is a owner of a company.
Shareholders. are. stakeholders. in a corporation, but stakeholders are not always shareholders. A shareholder owns part of a company through stock ownership, while a stakeholder
Fiduciary duty is the legal trust and ethical relationship of trust towards management of money. Since partners are jointly liable for the debts and the contracts of a company, they
Bondholders own a share of the debt of a company.
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Difference Between Bondholders and Shareholders
Bondholders and stockholders earn profits from a company in different ways and often lobby for different fiscal and strategic policies.... More »
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