Difference between Slide in and Freestanding Range?


An oven or stove range set may be designed to slide into an existing space between cabinetry or be free standing. A slide-in design typically does not have any exterior panels, the sides and back are protected by existing cabinetry. A free standing model will be completely enclosed.
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Freestanding ranges fit between cabinets. There is a gap between the range and countertops. It has finished sides and typically has a drawer on the bottom. The controls are located
A free standing range has side panels that are finished and complete so the range can sit by itself without a cabinet on either side. A slide in range has no side panels and needs
bit confused? am looking for a cooker with the same gas "output" (or strength lol!!) as the ones that you get in restaurant kitchens!
well a portable dishwasher is on wheels so you can roll it to the sink and hook it up to your sink faucet. I'm really not sure what you mean by free standing but possibly it could
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What Is the Difference Between Freestanding & Slide-in Ranges?
A range is an appliance that combines a cooktop with burners above and an oven below. It is usually run off either electricity or gas, but some ranges combine energy sources. These ranges use gas for the cooktop and electricity for the ovens.... More »
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