Difference between Slime Layer and Capsule?


Bacterial cells secretes materials in forms of capsules or a slime layers. There are some differences between a slime layer and a capsule. A capsule is attached to a bacterium and has defined boundaries. Slime layers can be easily washed off and are loosely attached to bacterium.
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A glycocalyx is considered a slime layer is when the glycoprotein molecules are loosely associated with the cell wall. Bacteria that are covered with this loose shield are protected
Beyond the cell wall, some bacteria have an additional layer called the glycocalyx. The structural features and chemical composition of glycocalyces differ depending on the species
Capsule will dissolve in about two minutes, depending on what the tablet is, it could take hours to dissolve. Do a test, drop a tablet in a cup of water, not hot, then see how long
the similrity between slime layer and capsule in compositon of the structue each of them composed from polysacharid
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