Difference between Subculture and Counterculture?


The difference between subculture and counterculture is in their existence. Subculture coexists with the current culture. However, counter culture is one that opposes the existing culture.
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Difference Between a Subculture & Counterculture
What do hippies of the 1960s, Hassidic Jews, vegans, ecoterrorists and teenagers have in common? They are groups that exist outside of the dominant culture in a society. While some, like hippies and ecoterrorists, are considered members of the... More »
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Subculture exists concurrently (in agreement or in support of) popular/mainstream culture but is not dominant and not necessarily apparent. It has norms and values that are different
Counterculture is a group that defies existing cultural trends,
If you don't think "sub" means a sandwich and a counter is where one is made, it should be obvious. But in case it isn't, a subculture is one part of a larger culture (eg
Many subcultures flourish in an ethnically and culturally diverse society. U.S. subcultures include Gothic subculture, which emphasizes attachment to pre-Renaissance European fashion
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