Difference between Telephoto and Zoom Lens?


There is quite a difference between telephoto and zoom lenses. A telephoto lense is a group of lenses that uses a certain combination and arrangement of lenses to achieve even greater magnification than standard lenses. It is used to shoot subjects at great distances. A zoom lense is used to magnify a subject. It is a common feature on most cameras these days making it more common than telephoto lenses, which are generally used by professional photographers.
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Terms like wide angle and telephoto describe the relative
Zoom lenses can very their focal length - 18-55, 55-200, 14-24, 24-70, 200-400 etc. Telephoto lens - any lens with a focal length 50mm or longer. There are telephoto zoom lenses,
The distance in millimeters between the middle of the lens to the focal plane determines the focal length of the lens. For the 35 millimeter (mm) camera, a 50 mm lens is the normal
A "zoom" lens just means that the lens can change its length (e.g. 18-55, or 80-200mm) A telephoto lens is one that make objects look significantly "closer" than
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Difference Between Telephoto and Zoom Lens
A telephoto lens magnifies an image at a specific distance--and within a specific field of vision--so it appears closer than it is, while retaining its sharpness. A zoom lens also make a distant object appear larger, it offers a range of settings between... More »
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