Difference between Temple and Synagogue?


Today, the temple and the synagogue are interchangeable terms. However, in history the temple was a massive complex where Jews met for special ceremonies, while the synagogue was much smaller and used much more frequently.
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For most of Jewish history, "temple" was referred exclusively to the First and Second Temples in Jerusalem. According to Jewish law, these temples were the only place where
Temples are where Jews worship at. Synagogues are too but
A synagogue (as called a shul) is a place for communal prayer. Jew's pray three time a day every day. In smaller communities only the Shabbos prayer service may be done at the synagogue
There was only 1 temple. The temple is in Jerusalem. The temple was the only place a sacrifice can be administered. The temple was destroyed and therefore, no more sacrifices for
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What Are the Differences Between a Temple & a Synagogue?
"Synagogue" and "temple" are sometimes used interchangeably, but if you walk into an Orthodox Jewish synagogue and call it a temple, someone is bound to correct you. The two terms have always denoted very different kinds of Jewish places, and the story... More »
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