Difference between Trustee and Custodian?


There are two main differences between a trustee and a custodian. First, a trustee manages assests, and a custodian is where the assets are being held. Second, a trustee can make managerial decisions regarding the assets, but a custodian can not.
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The trustee must make investment decisions that are in the best interest of the beneficiaries. The beneficiaries can sue the trustee if the trustee makes an irresponsible decision
A custodian is always a person; one who has charge of something (a caretaker) of a minor child's estate or an absentee landlord's property. The custodian does not hold title to the
Janitors will come in and clean things up. Custodians are
A custodian is a general term for someone entrusted to take care of a property; a janitor is entrusted to take care of a property specifically in the capacity of cleaning and removing
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What Is the Difference Between a Trustee & a Custodian?
A trustee manages assets for the beneficiaries of a trust, estate or other party. A custodian is the organization that actually holds the assets. A trustee can leave the assets in the custody of a bank or other institution. The bank secures the assets,... More »
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