What is the difference between Upper and Lower Egypt?


Ancient Egypt was divided into two separate kingdoms based on geography. Lower Egypt was actually further north and contained the Nile delta. Upper Egypt was much larger but contained much more arid land than the fertile Lower Egypt. The names are derived from the flow of the Nile River, which flows north to the Mediterranean Sea.
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"Lower Egypt" is the half of ancient Egypt at the. north. or Mediterranean end, including the Nile delta. "Upper Egypt" is the region to the. south. The dividing
Some say Narmer and some say Menes. He was the first to unite upper and lower Egypt creating one of the first AMP (African Mode of Production) state.
The deeper you go into the Earth, the temperature gradually increases. The crust is cooler than the mantle, which is cooler than the core. This concept of increased temperature with
They used to be divided but then a king (maybe meanes or someone) united them and the crown was combined. upper egypt and lower egypt used to have two different crowns but when they
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