Difference between Venue and Jurisdiction?


Jurisdiction and venue are two words that are related to law. Jurisdiction is the authority that is given to a legal body for hearing a case. Venue is the actual place where the case is heard.
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Jurisdiction is what court will have authority to hear the case. Venue is the physical location where the case will be heard.
I assume that you're interested in personal jurisdiction rather than subject matter jurisdiction here. Even narrowing your question to personal jurisdiction does not make it easy
State, county, federal, and local.
The purpose of “local area targets” is to provide local partners with specific actions or goals that represent their contribution toward meeting the Chesapeake Bay TMDL
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Differences Between Jurisdiction & Venue
Jurisdiction and venue are two similar, yet different, legal concepts. Federal and state civil procedural rules require a court hearing a controversy between parties to have jurisdiction over the subject matter and the people involved in the... More »
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