What Is the Difference between Video and VR Mode with Cannon Dc40 Camcorder?


The VR mode is a new video format made to enable 'VHS-like' editing capabilities to DVD recordings. It can help one to do more complicated edits and be able to replace the segments in the middle of a video and many other things any other things while the Video mode helps in writing standard DVD video to the discs = > playable on any DVD player; easy to import.
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The VR format is a new video format created to enable "VHS-like" editing capabilities to DVD recordings. It allows you to do more sophisticated edits; replacing segments
1. Turn on the Toshiba DVD Recorder and the television. 2. Press "Setup" on the remote control to bring up the setup screen. Press the down arrow to highlight "DVD
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The main difference between DVD-VR and DVD video formatting is that the DVD-VR can be edited. DVD-VR stands for DVD video recording, this formatting allows future ...
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