Difference between Yellowfin and Yellowtail Tuna?


The difference between yellowtail and yellowfin tuna would be that they are two separate types of fish. yellowtail is actually a jack and is related to the Amber Jack. On the other hand yellowfin tuna is a species of tuna. Both however are popularly consumed as sashimi.
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Yellowtail is a different breed of fish. The meat is mostly white with pink just under the skin and it's very good raw. The meat from tuna is pink to reddish and good raw as well
1. Observe the finlets on your fish. The finlets are the tiny fins that run down the back of the fish. The finlets on a yellowfin tuna are yellow and trimmed in black. The finlets
Ahi is the Hawaiian term for yellowfin tuna, which means
The main difference appears to be their cardiovascular physiology. The bluefin tuna has adapted to colder water temperatures. Their cardiac function is retained at temperatures colder
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