How Are Archaea and Bacteria Different?


There are several differences between bacteria and archaea. One is that archaea has metabolic pathways more similar to eukaryotes. Also, archea only uses lipids in their cell membranes. Unlike bacteria, archea do not produce spores.
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Bacteria and Archaea differ in some major genetic and biochemical ways. In fact, the genetic differences between these two domains is greater than between all organisms within the
Archae possess genes & metabolic pathways more closely related
The only difference is in their cell way. Bacterial cell walls contain peptidogylcan, while archaea contains unusual lipids...also, Archaea are "extreme living" and exsists
Prokaryotes can be divided into microorganisms called bacteria and archaea. Four differences between bacteria and archaea include: 1. Bacterial cell walls have peptidoglycan (mesh-like
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