How Does Free Trade Differ from Protectionism?


The difference between free trade and protectionism is that protectionism is done when a nation or country takes a step into developing and living of their own without trading with other nations. In the other hand, free trade is done by a country that chooses to trade between several countries. Countries can decide weather to be use free trade or protectionism.
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Free trade, also called laissez-faire is a policy by which a
Free Trade is trade between nations without protective customs, while protectionism means placing of duties or quotas on imports to protect local industries. report this answer. Updated
Protectionism is when a country decides to stop trading with other nations and tries to become completely independent this however is a big mistake since it will not achieve an ideal
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The Differences Between Free Trade and Protectionism
The global economy is set to decline for the first time since World War II. Economists have engaged in a lively debate over the benefits and pitfalls of free trade and protectionism. Many economies have adopted free-trade policy, or an economy in which... More »
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