What Is the Difference between Curriculum Design and Instructional Design?


Curriculum design and instructional design are the methods of setting goals in a curriculum before they can be assessed and achieved. Curriculum design portrays what the learner will learn. Instructional design portrays how the learner will learn what he/she is supposed to learn.
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Curriculum design is "what" the learner will learn, while instructional design is "how" they will learn it. Generally speaking, curriculum relates to the content
There are no set definitions for the terms modification, adaptation and accommodation. As a result, these terms often get used imprecisely and interchangeably. Generally, modifications
The curriculum is the material that is taught. Instruction is the process of teaching it.
I've always thought of CV's, in the US, as the appropriate term to describe the document that details an individual's skills and experience related to roles in academia or more science-related
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